Leak Detection/Location for Councils and Private Consumers

In August of 1994 the company made a commitment to providing a Water Management service and has employed personnel who have had a number of years experience in leak detection and associated work.

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Arthur D Riley & Co Ltd is committed to providing a leak detection service through the establishment of our Water Loss Management division. This service compliments ADR’s long standing involvement in the water supply industry and has been designed to meet the needs of clients in local government and the private sector.

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The company employs enthusiastic and competent personnel that have had many years experience in the specialist field of Leak Detection Services and his experience and qualifications ensure a high standard of work is maintained.

The key to providing quality leak detection  is being able to  have  good communications  with contractors to provide a fast effective leak location so repair  work is minimal

All staff have affiliations with councils and are able to work in conjunction with council staff or contractors to ensure effective and accurate results.

Data Logging – Pressure & flow

With specialist equipment and logging systems, ADR offers a services that allow councils, consultants, industry and agricultural sectors to collect vital information on the status of their reticulation systems and networks.

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  • All Staff qualified in TC traffic management safety
  • All staff trained in First Aid
  • Latest leak detection Listening devices
  • Noise loggers ( trunk mains)
  • 5 highly trained technicians
  • On call reactive leak detection, Pressure and flow testing
  • Staff with over 12 years experience
  • Locally based personnel
  • Pressure data loggers
  • Pipe locators (plastic and metallic)
  • Firemaster Electronic flow meter  
  • Meter testing calibration unit



WATER Contact

Basil Vrizonis

Phone: +(64) 4 472 7614

Fax: +(64) 4 472 7658

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Kevin Head

Phone: +(64) 9 444 2350

Fax: +(64) 9 444 3085

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Matt White

Phone: +(64) 3 379 2628

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