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- Only NZ manifold compliant to Backflow Standard AS/NZS2845 headloss as an entire end to end unit.
- Lowest headloss of any current compliant manifold.
- Can be fitted by the user with any BSPT control valve for maximum versatility to suit local preferences.
- Combine the manifold with our new meter box’s and polymer meters for maximum cost saving.
- A 0.7-23L/min Maric flow control can be installed while retaining both Dual Check valves to maintain backflow compliance.
- Able to install a meter while the Maric flow control device is still installed.
- Non-leeching Composite material tested to 50Bar.
- Retro fit into existing Draper meter boxes with optional support mount.
- Flow stopper plug available to prevent unauthorised usage.
- Strengthened port for optional pressure plug installation.
- Made from approved drinking water and food
use materials.


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