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  • 6 Dec 2017


    ADR has developed Cloud based solution with a focus on enabling data to be fully utilized and have spatially aware database and interfaces.For Data Acquisition of meter reading data the solutions util...

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  • 5 Dec 2017

    V200 Water Meter

    V200 water meter incorporates many advanced design features to improve metering accuracy across a wide range of flow rates, Designed to give a long, trouble-free working life, with excellent features ...

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  • The R1200 is the latest range of irrigation meters from Elster. Unlike a Woltmannmeter, the paddle wheel rotor is located out of the main flow stream. This allowsthe free passage of water, reducing th...

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  • Ensuring that every drop of water is counted, the new esens patented pulse target technology from Elster Water Metering Ltd is being implemented on the V200, H4000 and C4000 families of water meter.&n...

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  • 21 Apr 2015

    Apartment Metering

    In wanting to introduce a fair user pay system for the 60 residential apartments within the complex. The complex corporate body manager approached ADR to offer a solution. Our first task initialed a s...

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  • 22 Aug 2014

    Elster H5000

    The H5000 is the next generation of Woltmann (Turbine) bulk water meters from Elster.It features an all-new rotor design combined with long-proven sensor technology to maximise measuring range. Just a...

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Local authorities around the country have been using Arthur D. Riley & Co. Ltd. (ADR) specialised water metering equipment for over 90 years as agents for a leading UK manufacturer.

Water metering equipment has grown to become an important part of ADR's portfolio of products and services, and the Company has developed a reputation for supplying high quality equipment designed to meet specific needs.

ADR is the major supplier of domestic water meters in New Zealand, and is well placed to serve the needs of local authorities as they move to universal metering. ADR also provides a total service for its water metering, regardless of the manufacturer, with calibration, repair and after sales support.

Local Authorities are using ADR’s leak location capability with the latest available technology. Skilled staff enable cost effective and timely detection of major leaks.

ADR Water products include:


  • Potable Domestic and Commercial meters to International Standards
    - including OIML R49           
  • Irrigation

Smart Metering

  • Remote reading systems
  • Data logging with real time alarms
  • Web hosted management with regional consent compliance

NZ designed locally manufactured products

  • Data Loggers recording pressure and flow, with additional channels available for other data
  • Polymer Manifolds to international standards

Services and Specialised products:

  • Water Meter Calibration
  • On-Site Meter Verification
    - Blue tick accredited
  • Pressure & Flow Data Logging
  • Water Loss Management
  • Emergency Water Leak Location.
  • Meter Installation and Servicing.
  • Boiler and Fuel Oil Meters.
  • Warm and Hot Water Meters.
  • Bore and Irrigation Meters.
  • Liquid Batching Systems.
  • Wide range of Brassware (DR)
  • Ball valves (Toby and Tapping band) 20-50mm.
  • Specialized Data Acquisition Equipment and Tools for the Water Industry
  • Correlator and Stethophone Leak Detection Instruments.
  • Pipe Freezing units for Water Main Servicing
  • Reticulation Engineering, Studies Investigation and Support.


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