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6 Dec 2017

ADR has developed Cloud based solution with a focus on enabling data to be fully utilized and have spatially aware database and interfaces.For Data Acquisition of meter reading data the solutions utilises a fixed network and provides customer’s easy access to “cloud” based solution via a secure web portal.This solution can help with reduced capital expenditure, improved system re...read more

V200 Water Meter

5 Dec 2017

V200 water meter incorporates many advanced design features to improve metering accuracy across a wide range of flow rates, Designed to give a long, trouble-free working life, with excellent features such as the proven grooved piston design.Perfect for apartment metering which incorporates Business Management Systems BMS requirements for Pulse and M-bus outputs Features & BenefitsMID 2004...read more

The R1200 is the latest range of irrigation meters from Elster. Unlike a Woltmannmeter, the paddle wheel rotor is located out of the main flow stream. This allowsthe free passage of water, reducing the risk of jamming and damage from stonesand other suspended solids that are common in irrigation water. The unconstrictedcross-section also delivers a lower pressure loss than a Woltmann meter. [...read more

Ensuring that every drop of water is counted, the new esens patented pulse target technology from Elster Water Metering Ltd is being implemented on the V200, H4000 and C4000 families of water meter. With half the mass of a traditional inductive pulse target, the reduced inertia benefits of the esens technology are felt right at the beginning of the water meter measurement systemImproving wate...read more

Apartment Metering

21 Apr 2015

In wanting to introduce a fair user pay system for the 60 residential apartments within the complex. The complex corporate body manager approached ADR to offer a solution. Our first task initialed a site audit to identify existing meters and there suitability for having additional technology added. We also need to address access to exiting pipe work and configuration to ensure individual apartment...read more

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