Arthur D. Riley & Co. Ltd. (ADR) has been a major supplier of electrical metering equipment to the electricity supply industry since the earliest days of reticulation. In over 100 years the Company has built up a large reservoir of expertise, and a detailed knowledge of the specific requirements which have evolved in New Zealand.

ADR currently offers a comprehensive range of domestic, industrial and grid metering equipment to most of the key providers of electricity, and in recent years has developed innovative solutions to meet the demands of the deregulated market. This is fully backed up by support for both hardware and systems.

ADR Metering products and services include:


  • Single Phase Ferraris - Class 1.5
  • Solid State - Class 2
  • Polyphase Solid State from Class 2 to Class 0.2
  • Cashless Single Phase Prepayment - Class 2
  • Cashless Polyphase Prepayment

 Metering Systems

  • CashPower Suprima and ADR EasypowOr IVR/SMS Prepayment Vending Systems
  • EasyPowOr Managed Prepayment Vending System for Embedded Networks

 Monitoring Systems

  • MonitOr - Managed Automatic Meter Reading System
  • MTE Meter Test Equipment – Stationary and Portable Test Systems including Reference Standards, Power Sources, Test Racks and Fixtures, Scanning Heads and other accessories.
  • ScanOr and ScanOr plus Remote Reading System


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