SeCorrPhon AC 06

Combined correlator and electro-acoustic water leak detector


Leak detection by correlation involves locating the leak with the help of a calculator. The noise emmited by a leak reaches two measuring points at different times.

Electro-acoustic water leak detection involves identifying the general area of the leak with the test rod as a preliminary step and then locating its exact position with the ground microphone. Using the ground microphone at regualr intervals enables the leak to be located with sufficient accuracy for confident excavation. the SeCorrPhon AC 06 displays a precise optical comparison of the noise intensities.

 secorr 06 3.jpg


  • Hi Quality Correlation & Aquaphon leak detector combined
  • Locate leaks fast and accurately using DSP technology
  • Fully functional Aquaphon leak detection built in
  • EM 30 Hi dynamic compact microphones for clear results
  • Comes with charge cradle, carry harness, 2 x transmitters
  • M10 tripod, 600 mm extension, M10test tip included
  • Fits into a single compact case for safe easy transportation
  • Optional professional Hydrophones & ground microphones available
  • Perfect for Professional leak contractors, Councils or Water Authorities




SeCorr 08

secor 08 3.jpg

Correlator with latest DSP technology for precise detection of water leaks.

A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noise that travels through the pipe walls, the surrounding ground and along the contents of the pipe. The noise is detected at two seperate points (valves, hydrants, stop taps) by highly sensitive microphones. It follows the concept that the noise will take longer to travel to the microphone furthest from the source: this is referred to as the time delay. Utilising this and other information (pipe diameter, material and length of section under test), the exact leak postion can be calculated by the correlator SeCorr 08.

 secorr 08 2.jpg


Electro-acoustic methods of leak detection can be affected by external noise interferences such as cars, wing etc. The correlatorSeCorr 08 is unaffected by these interferences making leak detection possible in even the noisiest environments. Other surrounding influences including depth of pipe, ground conditions and rain have no effeecr on the accuracy of the results.

The operator's experience and sense of hearing is paramount when utilising electro-acoustic devices; Correlation is based on purely mathematical calculations. Consequently the reliance on these subjective views are wliminated allowing anyone with minimal training to carry out leak location.


SeCorr 300 

The new correlator SeCorr 300 – digital and rapid

  • Completely digital signal processing inclusively of radio transmission
  • Bi-directional radio connection to control the radio transmitter
  • Also available with weatherproof outdoor notebook
  • Database software, protected operator accounts
  • The SeCorr® 300 components are easy to operate, application related and safe in

Secorr 300 g2.JPG

SeCorr 300 utilises new technologies to reduce interferences in water leak detection as far as possible. Leak noises are already digitalised inside the microphone and then digitally transmitted via the radio transmitter RT 300 to the radio receiver RX 300. The high frequency provides the required transmission capacity on the radio link. This also ensures that a maximum on information is taken out of the leak noise. Measuring values can be digitally stored inside the radio transmitters enabling a later offline read-out. Thus no direct radio connection is required. At the same time the requirement for controlling an unlimited length of measuring sections is given.

secorr_300 good.jpg

The new (part of the system) microphones are designed to pick-up noises of very deep frequencies. This improves measurement at plastic pipes. For especially difficult situations, the new hydrophones can be applied instead of the microphones. These hydrophones are directly put into the water column and can even be used – besides their
regular application at plastic pipes – for very long pipes or pipes with large diameters. LEDs are integrated into the housing of the radio transmitter. This increases safety in road traffic by rotating flashes.


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