Aquaphon A100 Plumbers (Compact) Kit

The Aquaphon A100 Plumbers kit is ideal for leak detection. By utilising specialised acoustic technology this equipment locates water leaks by picking up vibrations transmitted by piping systems. This 'noise' is heard by the Aquaphon A100 ground microphones and the digital value for noise is displayed on the LCD screen. The difference in intensities of sound as you move along the pipeline will sufficiently pin point the location of the leak.


  • Large easy to read LCD display with last memory function 
  • Fully adjustable filter settings through complete range for difficult leaks
  • Scan mode, Max mode, EM 30 Hi Dynamic microphone technology
  • M10 tripod adaptor to convert to high quality ground microphone
  • Soft carry case with foam insert, M10 test tip & 600 mm extension, 
  • AC/DC Adaptor, Charge Cradle & Carry harness, K3 HD headphones
  • Option 1. B04 hard surface microphone & H4 Handle, 
  • Option 2. Large HD hard-case to carry all microphones, 
  • Perfect for Plumbers, Councils & Water Authorities

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