As mobile (in-field) technology becomes more sophisticated, Arthur D. Riley & Co. Ltd. (ADR) continues to introduce advanced and innovative products. The use of web based software, developed and hosted by ADR is combined with hardware developed overseas, adapted by ADR for New Zealand conditions, is now widely used. ADR Handheld equipment and systems have simplified the role of traditional meter-readers by field verifying, recording and downloading information for the billing process. These products are available for the water, gas and electricity industries.

Within our parking Management team, we have accumulated over 110 years’ experience.  This is across our developers, support staff, project managers, and account managers. We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing our customers with viable solutions that incorporate current proven technology.  Our TicketOr2 Web Hosted Cloud Base Solution and Android Enforcement Application allows for full infringement cycle management and as such is state of the art and offers an easy to use, reliable solution.

ADR is one of the leading providers of systems for local parking authorities. Wardens are able to print out tickets on the spot, download the information, and if necessary, carries the process right through to any court proceedings.

ADR Handheld equipment has been developed to meet the rigorous demands of field conditions, and the Company provides full hardware and software support.

ADR Handheld products and services include:

  • Handheld Systems Ruggedised Solutions for the New Zealand Environment Meter Reading & Parking Enforcement
  • Ruggedised hardware
  • Devices Specifically designed for the New Zealand market
  • Systems supported by SQL Server 
  • TicketOr
    - Parking Enforcement Software
    - Full Parking Enforcement Administration Option
    - Digital camera, scanner, voice recording
    - Live in-field updates
  • Contract Meter Reading options are available
  • MeterOr
    - Meter Reading Software supporting
    - On Site Billing option
    - Remote Reading
    - Live in-field updates


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