Type VR32 Pad-mount Voltage Regulator

Expanding the scope of Cooper’s world leading VR32 single phase step voltage regulators, Cooper introduced the single phase pad-mount option for use in under-ground reticulation areas or where environmental or other considerations provide advantage over the conventional pole mount option.

Now to expand the scope further, the 3in1 Pad-mount voltage regulator has been introduced.  This is essentially, three single phase voltage regulators housed in one tank resulting in reduced foot print, lower oil volume and less construction materials.  Illustrated is a North American version with Star configuration and star point earthed.

 Pad Mount.jpg

As a first for NZ, Arthur D Riley & Co. Ltd., has on order for a New Zealand customer an 11kV 150Amp 3in1 Pad-mount unit with closed delta configuration and the new CL-7 multi-phase control as illustrated.  This unit is to be skid-mounted for mobile application and has been manufactured with reinforced construction to tolerate the regular transportation it will be subjected to.  It is being supplied filled with 100% biodegradable, less flammable,  Envirotemp FR3 natural ester fluid to mitigate the environmental and safety impact should a transport accident occur.


The tank and cable cubical is constructed with 304L Stainless Steel with a high quality paint finish to suit New Zealand’s maritime environment.

For more information:

CA225004EN   Multi-phase pad-mounted step Voltage Regulator

MN225014EN  Pad-mounted voltage regulator with Quick-Drive tap-changer installation, operation, and maintenance instructions.

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