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Eaton's Cooper Power™ series CL-7 is the latest voltage regulator control. The CL-7 control maintains the easy to use interface of previous CL controls. Advance features enable easy integration into a smart grid enabled network because the CL-7 voltage regulator control is designed with communications and smart grid features in mind. The versatile CL-7 comes as standard equipment on Eaton's voltage regulators, but easily integrates to operate nearly any voltage regulator in service today.

Familiar features

The CL-7 control employs the same easy to use features of previous CL controls. It utilizes most of the same function codes and all of the same easy-to-use interface features. Field technicians familiar with earlier regulator control models will already know how to use the CL-7 control. This translates to lower training costs.

Common platform

Eaton's common control platform means shared components and a familiar look and feel between controls. This will reduce inventory of components and lead to a distribution system that is easier to maintain. Whenever possible, items like communications cards and I/O modules are shared between controls.

Focus on smart grid

The CL-7 control is designed to integrate easily into smart-grid communications networks. Communications features are available to simplify installation include integrated communications modules, multiple protocol availability, communications battery backup, dc power supply and auxiliary ac power supply. The controls are shipped with the resident communications protocols of DNP and IEC 60870-5 and additional protocols are available upon request.

Multi-phase control

The CL-7 voltage regulator control multi-phase option is unique in the industry. It provides the first of its kind multi-phase voltage regulation: two or three regulators can be operated with the use of a single control. This provides a single point of contact for communications, true multi-phase metering and fewer controls to program and maintain. In addition, when power is lost from one regulator in a bank, the power from an adjacent regulator can be used to run the motor.


Advanced software

Eaton's Cooper Power series ProView™ NXG interface software simplifies the programming of the entire line of common platform controls. This reduces the need for multiple software packages to interface with multiple controls. Control parameters can be programmed with a personal computer in the office using ProView NXG software. Programming files can then be loaded onto the control using a USB cable connection or through the front panel USB data port.

Controls are supplied, pre-loaded with Coopers Leader/ Follower scheme.

New Zealand

The CL7 control will be standard issue on Regulators imported by Arthur D Riley & Co. Ltd., from 2016 onward.  Customers can select to be supplied with individual single phase controls (one control per regulator) or multi-phase control as illustrated above.  The Control will be supplied in an extended length stainless steel cabinet to accommodate SCADA equipment.

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