Lora Wan

ADR has developed Cloud based solution with a focus on enabling data to be fully utilized and have spatially aware database and interfaces.

For Data Acquisition of meter reading data the solutions utilises a fixed network and provides customer’s easy access to “cloud” based solution via a secure web portal.

This solution can help with reduced capital expenditure, improved system reliability, improve the network efficiency, with a low cost of ownership.

 The data from all of the devices/sensors above are all able to be captured by the ADR hosted monitor management system. The strength of this system is to been able to take data from a number of data sources and both present and manage the acquired data using a common set of management tools. All of the meter interface units supplied by ADR are a fully integrated with the Monitor solution.

 Smart Metering Objective

  1. Provide a cost effective solution to upgrading to smart meters
  2. Create an independent water network
  3. Monitor Minimum night flows
  4. Real time billing,
  5. The ability to pick up leakages and bursts.
  6. Monitor meter readings for fraud


  1. Retrofit to existing meters / devices
  2. Future proofing with IoT technology
  3. Locally supplied and supported
  4. 'Near Live' alarm notifications
  5. Configurable measurement intervals

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