Halo Solid Ring Main Unit (SRMU)

Introducing the Halo SRMU – a solid insulated, vacuum break, extensible, outdoor ring main unit that’s ideal for all types of MV distribution systems where reliability is a top priority.  

Designed in New Zealand by ADR and manufactured in Korea by Entec, the Halo SRMU represents the culmination of all the features sought after by today’s modern utility companies.  

In keeping with ADR’s environmentally friendly stewardship, the Halo SRMU is non-gas, thereby reducing the impact it has on the environment. Non-gas also means none of the ongoing, costly, management issues and future uncertainties associated with SF6.  

Comprising individual modular units that are easily reconfigured, the Halo SRMU provides the ultimate in user flexibility. Benefiting from a small footprint and open front cable box, the Halo SRMU is also an ideal replacement for oil units. Designed from the outset with automatic remote system compatibility in mind, the Halo SRMU easily integrates into existing and future SCADA systems.  SRMU_small.JPG

Painted stainless steel enclosures, clever design and an IP56 rating make the Halo SRMU outdoor ready and equipped to keep inclement weather at bay. No additional cabinet required! Enhanced internal arc fault management ensures peace of mind that roadside installations will be as safe as possible.

Innovative, feature rich and cost effective, the Halo SRMU runs rings around the opposition. For more information on the new Halo Solid Ring Main Unit, please contact your nearest ADR office.