Apartment Metering

In wanting to introduce a fair user pay system for the 60 residential apartments within the complex. The complex corporate body manager approached ADR to offer a solution.
Our first task initialed a site audit to identify existing meters and there suitability for having additional technology added. We also need to address access to exiting pipe work and configuration to ensure individual apartment metering.

They wanted to monitor both Hot and Cold Water.
Provided quotation to Body manager to supply pulse heads terminated to TRC600 metering units, supply and installation of new metering, inclusive of TRC600 metering units. Design and configuration of repeater network, installation and setup up of EasybillOr software for complex reading and billing of water
meter readings.

Apartment Metering.jpg

Water billing was historically divided amongst apartment occupants as an equal share. From looking at the consumption V apartment graph above it can be readily seen that 8 of the apartments consumed considerable more than the complex average and the equal share was a significant savings to these smaller users.

However with the introduction of EasyBillOr and the Emeris TRC600 product with correctly applied metering we have been able to introduce to the complex a true user pays system.

Readings are capture automatically every month, or on demand as needed and bills are able to be produced that reflect actual usage for the period.

By introducing EasybillOr along with Emeris TRC product the corporate Body has been able to introduce true user pays billing for water usage.