ADR Shines Above The Rest

There were many highlights at this year’s 2016 EEA Conference with ADR receiving the Best Trade Stand Award.



ADR’s trade display at the 2016 conference was a stunning, well-lit affair that became a popular meeting point for a large number of delegates and rightly won the coveted award for best trade stand. Exhibited were an extensive range of established and new products from Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems, ENTEC Electric and Electronic, Fortune Electric, and Sadtem. 



Focal point of the display was the newly developed ENTEC Halo Fuse module. This is a welcome addition to the existing Halo Solid Ring Main Unit as it has been sought after by a number of utility companies and contractors. Having the Fuse module on display gave customers an opportunity to see it in the flesh and get familiar with this exciting new Halo SRMU product. All within an award winning display!